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While Battlefield 2042 returns the establishment to its Battlefield 3 prime with a cutting edge setting and present day weapons, the game has additionally succumbed to various bugs and specialized issues. Fortunately, players will not need to manage basically a couple of those issues any more, as DICE is apparently investigating them.

A post from the fan-run Twitter account Battlefield Bulletin guarantees that DICE is at present handling four issues that Battlefield 2042 players have announced. Those issues range from players elastic banding when they get hit by rockets from a stream or helicopter and rocket relock not working to choices for changing the straightforwardness and size of different symbols.


Notwithstanding, the post doesn’t detail when players can anticipate that these issues should be fixed. Likewise, the Battlefield Direct Communication account, which is controlled by Battlefield engineers and consistently posts when updates are coming out and what their substance will be, hasn’t referenced any of these issues at this point.

While Battlefield 2042 has had an unpleasant send off, the game is gradually being fixed by engineers DICE and Ripple Effect. One impending patch for the game will resolve issues with players neglecting to be resuscitated and offsetting issues with two of the game’s vehicles as well as the UAV-1.

For players, fixes for Battlefield 2042 are showing up very late. The game has been panned on Steam, where it has a “generally bad” total score. Right now, 33,000 of the game’s 44,000 audits are negative, with players refering to bugs and an absence of elements contrasted with past titles.

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