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BLEACH Brave Souls mod APK is an RPG that is full of addiction features. The player of this game becomes addicted to it.
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About Bleach brave souls Apk

BLEACH Brave Souls mod APK is an RPG that is full of great and unique features. The player of this game becomes addicted to it. It is addictive in a way that once you start playing the game you will be engaged in the gameplay because of its quality graphics and awesome features.

The gameplay of the bleach brave souls apk is very addictive as it is role-playing game. In the game, what you need to do is that you have to join it by focusing on the objective of protecting souls and people. You have to fight with the hollow and even destroy the hollow completely. You need to stand next to a shinigami.

The overview of the bleach brave souls is simple, there are many characters in this name but the one who is the main character of the game is named as ichigo kurosaki. You can also check the similar game Armed Heist MOD APK. This main character basically a teenage boy who sees ghosts. After this, he meets with a character named as kuchiki rukia who is famous for the functionality that he performs. He has the power to control the flow of souls. He knows the knowledge of souls and the flow of souls between humans and after death.

Another character is named as a reaper. He comes into the human world in order to demolish bound. He also comes to destroy the dangerous wandering souls. During protecting ichigo, he suffered from the injury and becomes injured. At that time, the character who’s named as rukia gave him half of the rie arts. In this way, her all powers and energies are weaken and she is entangled there. Now, Ichigo must need to destroy and kill the hollow. After killing or fighting with her, Ichigo takes her soul to the place termed soul society. It is the society where souls of all those who got entangled in the cage of Ichigo.

Additional Information About The Game

App Name BLEACH Brave Souls MOD APK 2022
Latest Version 13.15
Size 128 MB
Developed By KLab
Platform Android
Requirement 4.4 and up
Worldwide Downloads 10 ,000,000+
Root Required? No
MOD Features GOD MODE, One Hit Kill
Get it on Google Play

Features of Bleach brave soul Apk

These are spectacular characteristics of the game which are mentioned below:

Keep track of the characters

Some characters are named frenzy characters and you are already aware of these. These characters are mostly well-known because of their various multiple and energetic connections and bonds. But there is nothing that will prevent you from incorporating these characters into your primary team. So, what you need to do is just avoid them and do this. It is because the requirements which they require are based on more wills to update. You need to watch these characters. According to the need of your team, you can Farm them and max them as soon as possible.

Make weapons

This is an important feature of the game. Bleach brave souls mod apk allows you to make weapons different from other players. You can change the features of your weapons according to your need and by focusing on the objective of performing a better fight. Generally, weapons are considered the backbone of the players. So that’s why it is changeable and customizable. It supports you from the beginning to till the end of the game. Your success depends upon your weapons. you can defeat the monsters in the fight with the help of powerful weapons.

Play Online

This game cannot be played offline because it offers the player to have an active Internet connection and it is an online multiplayer game where players can join from worldwide. Moreover, bleach brave souls allows you to play online with a computer player as well as with your social friends by making teams up. It helps you to fight the monsters more powerfully with your real friends. So, by setting a proficient and efficient team you can give professional output in-game and can start the fight

Complete the levels with a three-star rating

You need to achieve at least three stars while playing bleach brave souls whenever it is possible. You are provided with two optional situations and conditions by completing both of the conditions you will be rewarded with three stars but if you completed you will only get 1 star. These conditions are mostly dependent on the time and greatly depend on time. There are a lot of advantages of stars. Each star helps you to get a spirit orb which is significant and can be used to use more pals. So, it’s your duty to keep reaching toward stars, especially 3 stars.

Easy controls

The controls are very simple and easy and you can adjust them according to your pattern. Change the place of the buttons and their layout with which your comfortable. The easy controls makes the gameplay very smooth and engaging.

Multiplayer game

Challenge your friends and play with them as their could be 4 players in a match fighting against each other. This feature of the game makes it more interesting can does not makes you feel bored. Invite your friends in the battlefield to show your skills and win the reward.

This is a very powerful move

To win in a row and to enhance your streak in the bleach brave souls mod apk you can use special moves of eye-catching characters. A three-person team is most professional and energetic. So it is better for you to customize your team by yourself so that it suits you and become able to make powerful moves.

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About bleach brave souls Mod Apk

Bleach brave souls mod apk is the modified and latest version of bleach brave souls with a lot of extra additional features. The modified version allows you to play the game with unlimited extras.

Bleach brave souls mod apk is an action role-playing game. This game is developed and powered by klab. It is an action-based game with 3d exciting features. The size of the file is 128.64 MB. This apk is compatible with Android 4.1+.  All the premium features are free of cost in this modified bleach brave mod apk.

The main character of the series is Kurosaki Ichigo, a young man with the ability to see ghosts. The life of kurosaki ichigo changed completely when he first time meet with shinigami named Kuchiki Rukia. Who manages the progress of spirits between humans and the afterlife.

shinigami is an individual who entered the human world to destroy the hollow. Dangerously meandering spirits. When she was injured while belaying Ichigo, Rukia gave her some of the reiatsu so she could defeat the hollow. Because of his diminished strength. She is trapped here and Ichigo will be in charge of her quest to destroy the hollow and cause the spirits to live after death known as  Soul Society.

This game is free of cost without any charges. A highly qualified game that can never be ignored and which approaches a positive rating on the peak. It has a more than 80 percent favorable rating. In the initial first 7 days, this game caught the concentration of thousands of players and attracted them.

Features of bleach brave souls Mod Apk

These features are additional complementary to the simple version of the game. Bleach brave souls Mod Apk has an amazing set of features. I will discuss some of these in the next section. The excellent features of the game ensure and guarantee that the bugs are negligible.

  • Only a single hit is enough to kill the monster.
  • Modified version offering God Mode.
  • Numerous infinite skills soul bombs a significant feature.
  • The new version gives its player a five-star character summon coupon.
  • A bypass anti mod facility is provided.
  • Automatic fight and number clearance feature
  • Move speed or increase speed up to more than 4 times.
  • Free of cost and no skill CD.

Choice of characters

There are many advantages of using previous already available content. One advantage is that it has a defined layout of the image. The publishers of the game also know and decide how to invest in the game properly with the use of the great style of graphics. The style of characters in the bleach brave souls mod apk is 3d and gives a clear 3d look which adds to the beauty of the game and makes characters even more attractive.

As it is a slash game, the character of the game uses cute characters. That’s why players do not feel the elements of violence. The skills effects are always controlled carefully. So the battle or fight which you feel is always full of fierce. Another thing is that the players of the game always admire the scenes and actions in the game. Some of the examples are a battle in the sea, in the desert, in hell, and in the grass. However, every place has some sort of story wherever the fight takes place.

Coins and worthy stones

Coins are for most and basic currency to upgrade your characters so that they come in the battle to fight well. The gems which are also named pay to win are a currency that is used to summon characters. You can earn jewels by completing special event quests or campaigns. You will be able to achieve 4 gems if you become able to complete the complete objectives of three missions. If you complete this for the first time you will surely get one extra gem as well

Free Soul

In order to increase your fighting power in the bleach brave souls you are not allowed to count on the money. This game is totally dependent on the cluster of cards and the formation of characters. In short, it is almost similar to Japanese mobile games.

 Participation in official events

After the official launch of the game, all the problems have been resolved. Participation in official events was also resolved because now as long as everyone remembers to participate, they are able to get white soul jade to blossom. Moreover, they are also able to get five-star summon coupons without spending a penny.

Advent Level

First of all, what you néed to do is to select the level as advent level then you need to drag down 31 characters. After this keep practicing because it will give you 35 spirit jade and 31 more characters for a total of 1085 summons.

No chance of disconnection with the team

It is quite right that it is possible in the game to achieve numerous coupons to summon accessories, the main activities are just forgotten and there are just a few. Therefore, materials to draw a drawing are not recommended for all newbies if you use them then there is more chance that you will get old.

One hit kill

This is the best feature which you get in the mod menu. Kill your opponent with a single hit and win the battle. You don’t need to play for a long and gradually move towards your victory. Just install the bleach brave souls mod apk with one hit kill feature and crush your enemies in the battle.

Remember The Elemental Hierarchy

Bleach brave souls offer an elemental system like the system which is present in many other role playing games. In the game, each game character is provided with a distinctly unique character and style which is strong against one element and can be weak against the other elements of the game.

Basically, it is the order of three to five elements like rock paper, and scissors. Red beats, green beats, blue, purple, and orange beats. You can check over the stage selection screen with which elements your opposition is connected. Moreover, you can alter the plan of your game just by bringing the protagonists who have powerful elements to defeat antagonists.

Tips and Tricks to Play bleach brave souls Mod Apk

The tips and the tricks to play bleach brave souls Mod Apk are mentioned below.

  • Before diving into the game you must know and understand the mechanism of the three colors. Because it will help you to perform better In the game.
  • For better gameplay, you need to sacrifice your character without any hesitation.
  • You need to master the art of evasion.
  • If you want to achieve various rewards, you have to complete a quest for this.
  • In order to complete the level, you need to get a minimum of a 3-star rating. Unless you are not able to get 3-star rating you will not be able to reach the next level.
  • Make your weapons distinctive and unique. So that you kill the monster easily just by one shot. This can only be done by smart customization of your weapons.

Download Guidance for World chef Mod Apk

It is quite easy to download this apk file. By mere acting upon a few following steps, this file can be downloaded successfully.

  • Check out the website and write the name of apk file in the search bar.
  • When apk file appears, tap on it and start downloading.
  • When the file is downloaded, go to the location where you downloaded it.
  • Tap on that downloaded file and start installing.
  • After installation, the game’s icon will appear on your home screen
  • Here you go, it is done!

(Note: If any kind of error appears while installing,  enable Unknown Sources in mobile’s settings.)

Download for PC

Although, there is no official version of this game for PC, yet it can be run on PC by installing an emulator. There are many emulators available, install any of those and enjoy the game on PC too. However, Bluestack is arguable, one of the finest emulator for computers.

FAQs About bleach brave souls Mod Apk

What is the best of all the team in bleach brave souls?

Arrancar Sosuke Aizen and Hiyori Sarugaki Christmas are the two top best teams in bleach brave souls. The best heroes in this game are Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto and Refinement Ichigo.

What is the highest max level in the game?

Level 150 is the highest level in bleach brave souls.

What are the best 5-star characters in Bleach brave souls?

Byakuy is one of the most well-reputed  5 stars characters in the game.


Bleach brave souls mod apk is an addictive game. It is based on the genre of role-playing action games. The gameplay of the game is quite simple and easy. The story starts with a character named as kurosaki ichigo who is a teenager and possesses the God-given ability and power to see ghosts. She was the regulator of the flow of souls between the alive humans and afterlife. Rukia is another character who is trapped in this hollow world and Ichigo will be in charge of her mission to destroy the hollow and give life to the spirits of the afterlife known as Soul Society.


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