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Godus Mod Apk(unimited belief) is an award-winning simulation game — where the horizon of your simulation is expanded to the entire world. Download Godus mod unlimited Money
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Godus Mod Apk

Godus Mod Apk is an award-winning simulation game — where the horizon of your simulation is expanded to the entire world. You will be the God of your world and the whole world is expecting you to solve the problems and help them survive and thrive. This is a game where you play the role of so called God and will build your landscape according to your own and unique choice.

Basically, you need to save those drowning people and rush to them at the beginning of the game. Take them to better safe places or shelters. The breeding cycle is there in a game that will help to increase the population. You need to gain belief from your followers in order to rule and build your world. You need to grow your followers by taking care of them and building houses, and enjoyable places for them.

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Additional Information for Godus Mod Apk

Name Godus Mod Apk
Version 0.0.3
Size 83 MB
Developer 22Cans
Genre Simulation
5.0 and up
Downloads 5000,000+
Root No
MOD Features Unlimited Belief and Gems
Get it on Google Play

About Godus Apk Gameplay

Have you ever thought about being a God to run the world? Whether you acknowledge or deny it, this idea must have struck your mind. But the idea of being a God ends up in smoke, as it is quite impractical. That is not the case anymore, as this game is giving you the chance to be the God of your own world. From the creation of the world, the evolution of civilizations, new scientific discoveries, several devastating calamities, and many more, are under the sole control of your finger.


The story begins on a multilayer-land with only two individuals, beside a river, somewhere in the world. You will help them to solve their basic problems and to transition from an ambiguous civilization to a colossal civilization.

You (by merely using your finger) will help them to build the civilization, unearth the discoveries, unleash great powers, invent novel objects and grow up into a thriving community, which has access to the space. Making your people prosperous, will indeed be the best feeling you will get.

In this way, they will turn their priority towards you (God) and will pray to you for the fulfillment of their desires and depiction of their gratitude. By doing so, you will be empowered and simultaneously, they will be prosperous.

However, the whole process does not remain idealistic, as you will have to bear some obstacles and challenges. There are other Gods too (bad ones) who are willing to demolish your civilization. Hence the protection of dynamically evolving civilization is the inalienable part of your duty.

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Features of Godus Apk

A brief sketch of features has been carved below:

Inspire Your Followers

The whole story or objective of the game revolves around only one task: to inspire your people. You will help them to get proper, and it would create a sense of exhilaration, divine authority, and gratitude among the lads. This inspiration is crucial for God (you), as it enhances the power of God. Besides, it gives the feeling of being a supreme authority and real Lord.

Sculpt the World

If you are looking for a way to mold your problematic world into an Oasis, then Godus Apk is going to ring the bell. It gives you a chance or experience to sculpt a world of your own. A world, where no one deceives the other; a world, where, no crimes exist, and a world where, all prevailing problems (climate change, poverty, phobias, etc.) are the out-of-the-box questions. You will create a world, based on your imagination.

Progressive Ages

Human beings had not been the same, as they look today. It took several progressive ages to be the individuals, they are today. From the stone age to the age of information and technology, it took several progressive ages or time periods for transition. Godus Apk is nothing else than the portrayal of these ages. You will not only witness the progress of civilization and the world but also manage it to do so.

Godus Mod Apk

Godus Mod Apk is a somewhat buttressed form of Godus Apk — which is the best simulation game ever. Its prestigiously fame can be reckoned through the award. In the game, you will have to build the world; look over it; establish peace; help people thrive; fulfill people’s needs and keep the decorum of the universe. By doing so, you will get powers and rewards.

Moreover, the entertainment, which is engendered while playing the game, is beyond description. Nevertheless, you will have to protect the world from evil powers too. By doing a lot of these duties, you will get the real feeling of being the top-notch authority. Get unlimited belief and gems in the Mod version and increase your number of worlds and territory with unlocked every thing in godus mod apk.

Features of Godus Mod Apk

The mod version is supreme over the common version because of its following features:

Unlimited Belief

Beliefs among people — on God and his powers — are indirectly the power of God. If people stop believing in God, then God will no longer be an authority. So is the case in Godus Mod Apk, here the belief among people will get you more power. And do not worry about getting the beliefs, because there is a pre-designed unlimited Belief in this version of the game.

Unlimited Money

Money is the premium currency in the game, that is used for a number of activities. Therefore, money is of great importance in Godus. That is why you get an unlimited amount of money. By getting this money, you will not face even a single problem. However, there will yet be a problem, that is why did not install this game earlier.

Unlimited Loving Fans

The most important thing is to get a reward in the game. In this game you will get followers as a reward if you help them and make their life better to grow them in  numbers. You are the God you have the right to punish anyone or to reward anyone. You can git them in a form of a pleasant weather and peaceful environment.

Tips and Tricks to Play Godus Mod Apk

  • Obliterate all the impediments such as unwanted florae and boulders.
  • Make room for new houses by terminating the previous old ones.
  • Prioritize the happiness of people in everything.
  • Use “Rain of Purity” and “God Seed” to make people happy.
  • Open the maximum quantity of chests and follow the butterfly.

Download Guidance for Godus Mod Apk

It is quite easy to download this apk file. By mere acting upon a few following steps, this file can be downloaded successfully.

  • Check out the website and write the name of apk file in the search bar.
  • When apk file appears, tap on it and start downloading.
  • When the file is downloaded, go to the location where you downloaded it.
  • Tap on that downloaded file and start installing.
  • After installation, the game’s icon will appear on your home screen
  • Here you go, it is done!

(Note: If any kind of error appears while installing,  enable Unknown Sources in mobile’s settings.)

Download for PC

Although, there is no official version of this game for PC, yet it can be run on PC by installing an emulator. There are many emulators available, install any of those and enjoy the game on PC too. However, Bluestack is arguably, one of the finest emulator for computers.

FAQs About Godus Mod Apk

Who is the creator of this game and what is the achievement of the game?

‘22cans’ is the developing incorporation of this game and this game possesses an achievement, that it has been awarded as The Best Simulation Game.

What is the category or genre of the game?

Godus Mod Apk is a stylized simulation game.

What are the ratings or public reviews about this game?

About 800k people opined about the game on Google Play and their collective ratings translate into 4 stars — which is quite cool and up to the mark ratings.


Godus Apk is a top game, under the simulation category. Here the scope of your control is unrestricted. You as a God, inspire your followers, get them through ages and sculpt the world. Furthermore, Godus Mod Apk gives you unlimited belief and money. Both of these are of gigantic importance. So download the game and try your best to satisfy your followers by helping them. You need to move and transport them over to different locations for a better environment.



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