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Jungle Heat mod Apk is a strategic game, where you, along with other freedom fighters, have to terminate the evil army and save the resources of your jungle.
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Jungle Heat Mod Apk

Jungle Heat Apk is a strategic game, where you, along with other freedom fighters, have to terminate the evil army and save the resources of your jungle. Download Jungle heat Mod apk and get Unlimited Money for free.

About Jungle Heat Apk Gameplay

The story of the game is astonishingly interesting, where, a dictator is willing to devour the resources of a magnificent and majestic jungle. That dictator has deployed his army all across the jungle and continuously taken away its resources. Taking this matter into account, a team of rebellious personalities has gathered to stop all this. you can also check Art Of War Legions MOD APK. In this team, different characters, with their different personalities are going to unleash actions. First of all, you will need to make a strategy, that how are you going to tackle the situation.


In the game, your first and foremost objective is to build bases. Because, from these bases, you would be holding your operations against your foes. After you are done with the basic form of the bases, then you will have to emplace your army strategically. In this way, a dynamic system of wars will begin, that will engender heat in the jungle.

Features of Jungle Heat Apk

Following are some of the prominent features of the game:

Amazing Plot

The story of any game has a great role behind its betterment. The better the story, the greater its chances to win the hearts of gamers.  Therefore, the story of Heat Jungle Apk is beyond description — where each and every part of the plot is astonishingly interesting. From the very beginning, a beautiful forest is flourishing, then it gets invaded, then fighters gather, and then what happens creates even more fun. So the plot of the game is brilliantly depicted.

PvP and PvE Battles

As it is a multiplayer game, you can also invite your friends and family members to the gameplay without any specific conditions. You can equally enjoy PvP tournaments and PvE tournaments. The reason behind the addition of these features is that they carry a separate sensation. No matter how good artificial intelligence (AI) is, human beings have their own decorum and value. Therefore, getting a chance to play with humans, serves as a great asset to any game.

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics of the game are so magnificent, that it is hard to distinguish these graphics from the graphics of those games, which occupy a lot more space of the device. Basically, this game works for both: PC and mobile. Surprisingly, there is no difference in graphics on both platforms. So, this makes this game wonderful and universal. Besides, sound effects are also very echoing and dynamic. The background music increases zeal for the battle.

About Jungle Heat Mod Apk

Jungle Heat: War of Clans is a majestic game, where a beautiful jungle is on its way to destruction. This destruction is not happening naturally, but by some corrupt powers, who want to take advantage of the resources. For this reason, they are leaving no stone unturned and trying to establish their deleterious bases across the jungle. In order to stop those bastards, a team of freedom fighters is going to unleash the action. This team will bring about change and hold the destructive effects of those culprits. Basically, it is a complimentary variation of a simple game, where you can have some additional features. These features are either unavailable or attainable via money.

Features of Jungle Heat Mod Apk

Following are the complementary traits of the modified version:

Unlimited Money

Mostly, wars are won on the basis of money. The more money a country has, the more powerful it becomes. So is the case in Jungle Heat Latest Version 2022, were without money, you will not able to survive against your enemy, who is far more powerful than your team. Therefore, developers have removed all the restrictions from the ways to get money — and have given you the money, limitlessly.

Unlimited Diamonds

Diamonds are the kind of wealthy treasures, which are of great importance. They can be used for various activities — ranging from simple procurements to the giant modifications of your bases. But the problem is that getting these diamonds is not so easy and one has to endeavor greatly, in order to get these. Surprisingly, these diamonds are unlimitedly available for those who have installed Jungle Heat Mod Apk.

One Hit

It is a competitive game, where, you have to compete with other players. Besides, artificial intelligence (AI) also gives you a tough time — so, if you really want to be the best among others, then you should have something extraordinary, which others lack. This extraordinary power or skill is almost unattainable because each person gets the same features. However, a situation can be contrary, if you use the modified version of Jungle Heat Apk, which gives you the ability to kill anyone just by one hit. So, just click and wait for abracadabra!

Tips and Tricks to Play Jungle Heat Mod Apk

  • Keep the minimum distance between the buildings in your base — it burgeons your connectivity.
  • Emplace your soldiers in a systematic manner — do not deploy all of them, at the same spot.
  • Keep on progressing and updating your base — upgrade the nuclei of your bases.
  • Make the network of spies thrive and enhance it as much as you can — it concretes your position on the battlefield.
  • Try to muster up as many resources as you can — this is inevitably essential for the gameplay.

Download Guidance for Jungle Heat Mod Apk

It is quite easy to download this apk file. By mere acting upon a few following steps, this file can be downloaded successfully.

  • Check out the website and write the name of apk file in the search bar.
  • When apk file appears, tap on it and start downloading.
  • When the file is downloaded, go to the location where you downloaded it.
  • Tap on that downloaded file and start installing.
  • After installation, the game’s icon will appear on your home screen
  • Here you go, it is done!

(Note: If any kind of error appears while installing,  enable Unknown Sources in mobile’s settings.)

Download for PC

Although, there is no official version of this game for PC, yet it can be run on PC by installing an emulator. There are many emulators available, install any of those and enjoy the game on PC too. However, Bluestack is arguable, one of the finest emulator for computers.

FAQs About Jungle Heat Mod Apk

What are the names of major characters in the Jungle Heat Mod apk?

Bonecrusher, Alligator, Bouncer, Sheriff, Bulldozer, and Huntress are the major characters in the game.

What are the requirements to run this game?

About 80 MBs of space and 1GB ram would be adequate to run the game. Moreover, the version of the phone should also be the latest (more than 5.0 android).

Which company has designed this masterpiece?

It has been built by “My.com B.V”, which is renowned gaming incorporation.


Jungle Heat is an action game, where a team of heroes is trying to save the resources of a beautiful jungle, which is under attack by some evildoers. In this application, you can form clans with your friends and take part in PvP and PvE battles. Besides, this Apk file (which is a modified version) is a  complementary version to the real game, as it contains unlimited money and diamonds. Besides, your single hit holds the power of many hits.



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