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Kuboom Mod APK(unlimited money) is a 3D shooting multiplayer game. Download the MOD game and get premium features for free to defeat the opponents.
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 Kuboom Mod APK 

Kuboom Mod APK is a 3D shooting multiplayer game. It is great fun to play with millions of players all over the world. Basically, it is the team deathmatch in which there are five players against the other five enemies.

It is an online game so we face new and expert players in matches. There are different maps and locations. We play against other players in real-time from all over the world. It is very challenging to defeat the enemy’s squad if they are expert.

So make yourself more pro than others to dominate. The match starts for ten minutes, the respected team wins with more kills when time ends. It is the simple concept of kuboom APK. Great game for those who like guns, explosions, and action.

Kuboom Mod APK

Every action is in this game, it is an extremely addictive game. People love it due to its smooth controls and good graphics. It is an FPS game which means you experience like a first person or self firing the gun on enemies. We only see the guns and hands of our characters during fights. A huge variety of guns are available choose and fight.

Moreover, you can customize guns by applying different beautiful skins. We can upgrade our armor as well, make it stronger to survive your character longer. The thundering sounds of guns are so realistic.

Be intelligent and furious to win the team deathmatches against other users. Make sure good internet connection for better ping. The game works smoothly when the ping is low. Keep enjoying and kill enemies in a team deathmatch. We can play with our friends as well.

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Additional Information About The Game

Name Kuboom Mod Apk
Version 7.1
Size 57 MB
Developer Nobodyshot
Genre Action
4.4 and up
Downloads 10,000,000+
Root No
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get it on Google Play

About  Kuboom APK Gameplay

Kuboom 3D  is basically an online shooting game. It is all about shooting bullets from different deadly weapons like AKM, Scar-L, and many other famous guns. It is a multiplayer game so more than one player can play this game.

You can play it with friends as well, challenge them and win. It is an online shooting game in which there is a team deathmatch of five versus five. We are five team members and the enemies squad also has five teammates.

The game is about ten minutes, the team which secures more kills in a given time wins in the end. It is really an addictive and immersive game. In kuboom, you can put different skins on guns to make them attractive.

Moreover, you can upgrade the level of guns and armor too. It is not easy to survive in a match if you don’t have skills. Keep playing and learn skills and break skulls of enemies by giving headshots. This game is developed by NOBODYSHOT LTD.

The game is about 55 MB in space. Kuboom is rated for ages more than 12 years, it is a 3D game so there is no strong display of blood-shedding so it’s ok for children. Entertain yourself by playing this amazing game and meet with many players all over the world.

Features of Kuboom APK

Kuboom is full of guns and action. It is a famous game due to its special features, those features are as follows:

  • It is a multiplayer shooting game.
  • We can play with our friends.
  • There is no lagging in-game.
  • The gameplay is so smooth.
  • A lot of deadly guns are available for action.
  • Ten-minute team deathmatch which decides the winner.
  • Secure more kills than opponents to win.
  • The controls are so smooth and easy.
  • The gameplay is 3D and it is amazing to play.
  • We can upgrade the guns and increase their damage.
  • Moreover, you can put different unique skins on guns.
  • Put armor on your character to survive and resist opponents bullets from piercing.
  • It is only about 55 MB in space, easily downloaded.
  • Free to install from the play store, there is no need to pay real money to get it.
  • It is addictive game gamers love to play it.
  • It is fps game, you experience as first-person while shooting.
  • Full of thrill and action.
  • The thundering sounds of guns will shatter your ears.
  • The graphics of the game are so realistic.

Download guide for Kuboom Apk

The process of downloading kuboom on pc is so easy. Just follow the steps given below to get the game on pc:

  • So prior to all download bluestacks on your pc if don’t have it.
  • To download just click on install button in the link to continue
  • Just wait for some duration because it takes some time.
  • Go and make Google sign in to access plyastore.
  • Search kuboom in playstore and click on install to start downloading the game.
  • So when game is downloaded-go to search and type the name of game.
  • Click on the game icon to open the game.
  • Keep enjoying on pc with big screen.

Kuboom APK for PC

It is a multiplayer shooting game and just amazing to play. The game is so addictive people love to play and compete against other users. There are millions of players who appear in random matching matches.

We can play it on our android devices as well as on pc. If you are fed up with a little screen of mobile and want something big. Just play it on pc to enjoy, so if you want to play kuboom on pc then just follow the steps given in the download guide.

Kuboom Mod APK

Kuboom is an amazing game with a lot of exciting features. It is an online shooter game, in this game we fight against other online players. There is a ten-minute match between ten players, five players in each squad.

In ten minutes which team secure more kills wins. There are numerous guns in different categories like shotguns, automatic rifles, SMG guns, and shotguns. It is very entertaining to play. But it can be more fun if all skins of guns and locked features will be unlocked. In order to get all skins, you require a prime subscription.

So you have to pay real money to get those. All players cannot afford to spend real money, mod file is here to rescue such innocents. If you want to get all prime features and upgrade weapons then get a mod to get them. Just follow the guidance given in the download guide. Download kuboom 3d mod apk and get everything unlocked and unlimited money in the god mode.

Download guide for Mod APK

There is no rocket science to get a mod file.  It is quite simple, just follow the steps given below to get mod file:

  • First of all download the mod file from the link given in the web.
  • To start downloading click on the install button.
  • Then wait for it to download.
  • While downloading go to device settings and allow to continue downloading.
  • Mod is an unauthorized file so it requires permission.
  • To continue allow files to be downloaded.
  • When a mod file is downloaded, just click on the game icon to start the game.
  • Now enjoy free skin, upgrade guns to max level.
  • You will get auto-aim so just fire and get a headshot.
  • Unlimited ammo and fun.
  • Great fun to play after applying mod.

Features of Kuboom 3D Mod Apk

  • It gives you unlimited skins of guns.
  • All guns can be upgraded fully without spending money.
  • You will get prime for free.
  • Unlimited coins and diamonds.
  • Use them to get everything from the shop.
  • Guns will give the highest damage to the enemy.
  • You will get auto-aim and no recoil of guns which makes it easy to target enemies.
  • Master the game and defeat everyone who is against it.
  • Winning will be very easy after applying mod file.
  • Get unlimited money and keys in kuboom latest version.

Tips and tricks to play Kuboom 3D Mod Apk

  • Always choose 3 types of load out i.e for long range, short range, and mid range. So you can kill the enemies at any distance.
  • Always try to aim headshot because it will kill enemies in a single shot. A headshot is difficult to aim but try to make it possible.
  • Utilize the minimap and use to see the location of enemies and throw grenades in that direction to kill them.
  • Don’t be stationary while fighting. Move and jump randomly so that enemies could not aim at you easily.
  • Use the feature of reloading the gun and throwing the grenade at the same time. For this, click reload and then on the grenade icon.
  • You can see the shadow of enemies on the ground which is standing on the roof, but for this, you have to change your graphics settings to high in kuboom apk.

FAQs about Kuboom 3D Mod APK

Is it free to download?

Yes! it is free to download, just get it from Google playstore and enjoy it for free. Play it without paying any real money.

Can we play kaboom mod apk offline?

No ! it is an online multiplayer game, so if you want to play it you have to provide internet in order to start the action.

Is the Mod version safe to Download?

Yes! the mod version is safe to play as it is tested by the developers and is Malware free.


Kuboom 3D mod apk is a multiplayer action shooting game in which you play against other online users. It is a very competitive and challenging game. There is five versus five team deathmatch which lasts for ten minutes. The team which secures more kills than other wins. It is an addictive game, there are a lot of guns and new locations for a fight. Just an amazing game in every parameter. Althoug you can download the original version of the game from playstore also but the premium features are only available in MOD version for free. Download your favorite shooting game now.





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