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Download lifeafter mod apk the best roleplaying action game. Get unlimited everything in mod version with no ads in the latest version.
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About LifeAfter Apk

LifeAfter mod apk is developed and offered by NetEase Games, especially for Android devices. It is a role-playing game. It is a 3d survival action game.

In this game, you have to find shelter for yourself to survive in a post-apocalyptic modern society or world that is facing a viral infection that caused the alarming catastrophic Order and even disrupted the normal functioning of the whole humanity. The player’s main goal is to survive in this viral infected modern society.

Zombies ruin the whole world. The whole modern society turns into hell on the earth overnight. Now it is up to you to find shelter for yourself. To survive you have to make some walls of defense to seize the zombies, you have to fight with a lot of powerful monsters for your survival.

Moreover, you can cooperate and interact with other survivors, and together by making unity you can show your power and explore the ruined world. You can also search the places for materials for your survival. As you know, unity is power so just apply it.


Before you start playing, what you need to do is that you have to make your survivor. You are provided with a lot of customization options to make a unique character according to your own will and which you want to embody.

Choose your gender whether you want to play a male or in famine character. You can choose your tools, your face tones, your hairstyles, and a lot more. In addition to this, you are provided with the option to select your ethnicity and a pet as your companion.

On your adventures, you can collect a lot of resources. With these resources, you can build your own tools such as axes, rocks, knives, hemp, booby traps, woods, barricades, and much more in order to your need. You can even build many other complex structures such as defense walls, windows, floors, tables, doors, etc.

Its characteristics are not just simple it has very complex structures. The game’s story is very diverse and in detail covers many areas and takes place in an immersive way. This makes the experience more engaging for the player.

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Features of Life After Apk

These are spectacular characteristics of the game which are mentioned below:

Play Online

It is a Multiplayer game and can be played online. You can play it online with computer players as well as with your friends by making a team so that you become able to fight with monsters altogether. By setting up a highly professional team of unique players you can start the fight.

Make weapons 

Players can customize and create their own weapons that are different from the weapons of other players due to unusual features. This customized weapon can be considered a backbone for the player. It is too significant for the player because it supports the player till the end. The player can defeat zombies and can win the fight by using his customized weapons. So in order to win the game, you have to survive till the end in lifeafter mod apk.

Survive till the end 

Only by hunting, you will be able to survive till the end. Here you will come to know what’s real survival and how much is difficult to survive without food. You will seek knowledge on how to hunt to get food so that you don’t starve. Starvation leads to death so you will try your best to bring food for you to eat and this can only be possible by the process of hunting. 

Face other survivors 

When you will be exploring the modern society which had been ruined by zombies. You will meet many other survivors on your way. All other survivors are trying to get their survival by hook or by crook so they can use all extreme options without caring for others just to survive their Selves. what you need to do here is be careful and take steps into consideration because there might be a loot.

You will meet some good and some bad survivors. Keep distance from other survivors because they can attack to get weapons, food, clothes, etc. You can start a friendship with good ones and even you can share your food with them. For bad survivors, you only need to be careful and untrusty. 

Graphics and sound quality 

The graphics and sound quality of the game are highly qualified. The graphics of the game are highly defined 3D. Undiscovered locations and maps of the game make the game more challenging. It makes the gaming experience more exciting as well. The crying and roaring sounds of half-death humans are very horrible which adds to the game even more fun. 

Face necessities deficiency and hunger

You need to collect materials for your survival. You need to fulfill your necessities and requirements to live alive. You have to face hunger when you have a deficiency of necessities. You have to manage and control your starvation by maintaining your health points, hunger, and temperature to live. You need to assemble your food and air as well. It is not a new deal that you may experience exhaustion, disappointment, or failure. 

Diverse in Content 

Each breath in this game is full of horror and even horror increasing. It is full of violence which offers its player exciting and amazing challenges to face. Its unlimited challenges and a variety of detailed content ensure its importance with the series of thrilling actions which make the player’s heartbeat faster with every single moment. 

About Life After Mod Apk

LifeAfter mod apk is a survival video game developed by the famous game studio “NetEase”. Its famous RPG contains a lot of actions. It’s the latest version is 1.0.213. Its story is adventurous and contains a series of actions. 

Pandemic expands in the world where players are tasked with surviving zombie attacks and eliminating all potential threats to become the last man standing on earth.  In this world, everything begins with the appearance of a devastating virus.

When it gets dark, the room fills with growls. Only when you find a place to relax will you be hungry, cold, exhausted, and out of ammunition. Also, these criminal gangs are always trying to steal supplies. No one knows how long they will survive the night of horror and terror. So it’s time to get into this game, collect rewards, team up with other survivors and complete the different levels. 

In the game, you as a player have to make a lot of effort to survive and save yourself from all these zombie attacks. There is this particular infection that is developing in the area due to some natural disasters and other external reasons. The infection starts to spread throughout the site and doesn’t invade the area that late.

This causes humans to turn into contaminated zombies, which appears to be a reaction to the infection that is multiplying, and acting inhibited is too impossible for normal humans to act in the same way as they were before. Download life after mod apk unlimited money and gems with free crafts. 

The game offers your survival duty to live well .you can hide in a sheltered and safe place when the sun sets when the roars of half-dead people or zombies nearby begin to stir. Here you can only pray that you don’t fall victim to any of these zombies and wait until the sun comes up.

Because with the rising sun zombies lose their power and become more and more powerful. You will find everything you need to survive, from gathering materials to building your shrine to collecting/unlocking awesome weapons. Along the way you can also discover foods that you can prepare, which is a must to maintain your health points and keep your survival at full speed. 

Features of Life After Mod Apk

These features are additional complementary to the simple version of the game. LifeAfter Mod Apk has an amazing set of features. I will discuss some of these in the next section. The excellent features of the game ensure and guarantee that the bugs are negligible. 

Get everything unlocked 

You will get everything unlocked and infinite in Lifeafter mod menu apk. By this, you will bare less and you will use purchased items to control and manage your problems. Here is a list of the elements which are provided unlimited and unlocked in mod version. 

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Lives
  • MOD Unlocked
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlocked levels 


Ad-free game 

Unlimited content of the game will be provided without giving any add and sharing popping adds screen. Is it not enough that now nothing will disrupt while playing the game.  So download LifeAfter Mod apk and get rid of the annoying ads in the game


The development of mini-games within the game is an outstanding feature. When you are in a fight with zombies and want to stay calm and spend your night inside and want to wait for dawn you don’t need to get bored and free at that just play Minigames for time pass and joy which are provided within the game. Because this wait will give you more energy and another benefit is that zombies will vanish with the rising sun. 

Realistic effects

The game is full of realistic effects in a way that each character looks real. zombies are designed well with the original looks that players imagine. Zombies are not designed like cartoons. It is all about real life and an actual picture gallery.

As the game is totally concerned with life, the producer tries to make it real by adding animated effects. The views, colors, scenes, and characters that we see in the game are full of life. Therefore, players enjoy the game

Build the house 

 In the game and even in real life, the most stable and resourceful person can help others. you have to help your companions and for that, you have to be able to support yourself. Housing, plenty of food, and a good heart are the most important things in the game.

While playing the game you have to meet different people who need your help. To save them and yourself, you need a solid shelter in the form of a building where you and your companions can hide from the infected. A building cannot be built at the same time; You can start working by creating blocks. 

Splash screen 

We’ve seen people draw this screen and make posters out of it to show their love and obsession for the game. Will this colorful screen convince you that there is something in the game that needs your attention? The splash screen is another feature that sets this game apart from others.

Get to know others or meet others

Your food and other valuables are there for your sustenance and others are trying to take them. This feature is also pretty impressive as it shows you how to rate others and only help those who deserve it. As you play, show sympathy and come up with some good survival strategies.

You have to make sure that the person you live with or want to help is honest with you or not. This is the rule of the cruel world that you must gather with others to save your life, food, and many valuable things from them if you want to survive.

Tips and Tricks to Play LifeAfter Mod Apk

  • You must also gather resources such as food, building materials, and crafting materials.
  •  Players can form camps to help each other fend off zombie attacks. Members of the same camp can also team up to undertake boss raids for rare treasures.
  • Become the ultimate survivor. Kill zombies or be killed. Enjoy beautiful places and environments.
  • Explore as much as you can.
  • Learn to differentiate between friends and foes.
  • Save yourself from diseases and viruses.
  • Survive in harsh environments.
  • Camp and build with friends.

Download Guidance for LifeAfter Mod Apk

It is quite easy to download this apk file. By just acting upon a few following steps, this file can be downloaded successfully.

  • Check out the website and write the name of apk file in the search bar.
  • When apk file appears, tap on it and start downloading.
  • When the file is downloaded, go to the location where you downloaded it.
  • Tap on that downloaded file and start installing.
  • After installation, the application’s icon will appear on your home screen
  • Here you go, it is done!

(Note: If any kind of error appears while installing,  enable Unknown Sources in mobile’s settings.)

Download for PC

Although, there is no official version of this application for PC, yet it can be run on PC by installing an emulator. There are many emulators available, install any of those and enjoy the game on PC too. However, Bluestack is arguably, one of the finest emulator for computers.

FAQs About LifeAfter Mod Apk

How can I change the language of the game?

Press the fifth icon on the right and then choose your language Then press Save. (Only 4 languages are available so far.

I got stuck in a building, rock, etc and I can’t move, what should I do?

Click on the settings and you will find it in the next place the second icon on the right and then click on Solve Jam Then wait until you are taken to the nearest place for you without losing any of the items you are carrying.


The story of LifeAfter mod apk starts with the strange virus which is popped out everywhere in the world and starts expanding more in every corner which results in changing human beings into zombies, attacking the world rapidly. All techniques failed to stop it. Many people become zombies and viral infection destroys the whole community with rapid speed. Only survivors remain alive. You are also one of them. You can only save yourself by hiding yourself at night and waiting for the sun to rise. To remain alive you need to find shelter and food to make your survival possible.


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