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Pubg mobile mod apk is an action-packed battle royal game. In this game, there is a lot of entertainment and action for gamers. This game is all about guns, battle, and teamwork.
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PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

Pubg mobile mod apk is an action-packed battle royal game. In this game, there is a lot of entertainment and action for gamers. This game is all about guns, battle, and teamwork. It is very challenging too. There is huge competition among the players all over the world. Basically, it is designed for those gamers who like firearms.

Additional Information for PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

Name PUBG Mobile MOD APk
Version 1.9
Size 80 MB
Developer Level Infinite
Genre Action
Varies with device
Downloads 500,000,000+
Root No
MOD Features Unlimited Money and UC
Get it on Google Play

About Pubg Mobile APK Gameplay

Pubg mobile mod apk has different maps where we can play the game. It is a very realistic game from all aspects. This game requires focus and skill so if you have the skill of using strategies and guns then it is for you. It mobile has over 500 Million downloads all over the world. Also download Frostborn MOD APK. It is famous due to its realistic gameplay and smooth controls. In this game basically, there are 100 players in the battle royal game, it depends on the map other maps are small and have 60 or 50 players in each match.


No problem if there are a hundred or fifty players your aim must be to survive till the last breath and win the chicken dinner. This game teaches us to survive in harsh battle circumstances. It also makes us united because we play in a four players squad.

Moreover, we can communicate with teammates by audio. There is also an option of world chat too. Pubg mod apk is a very addictive game and loveable too. We can experience many guns and war tools in this game. Just be smart and use suitable weapons according to the situation. Use a sniper gun with the scope when your target is a little far and stationary and use machine guns when the enemy is near to you and is in a moving position.

There is a unique concept of a zone in the game. A zone is a circular safe area that shrinks over time and all the players should be in the safe zone. If anyone is out of the safe zone then his health will decrease and make him die. This makes the game more interesting and difficult as all the players scattered around in the game will be gathered at a specific location to face each other.  Therefore you must be careful at the end when the zone area is very small and play defensively at that time.

The longer you survive more points you get to move to another tier. There are different tiers for players. During battle royal match climate changes from sunny to fog and rain, it looks very realistic and cool. It is such a game that provides many eye-catching costumes and skins of guns, cars, and bikes. In short, pubg mobile mod apk is a masterpiece of battle royal games.

Gamers love it due to its gameplay and concept. It is very popular among other multiplayer games. Therefore it is on top 1 grossing in playstore. So download it from playstore for free and conquer the battlefield.

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Features of Pubg Mobile APK


Pubg apk is very realistic and it is vital to feature this game. There are characters and they look real moreover the texture of the game is so realistic. It depends on you which graphic you select. There are different graphic options so we can choose HD or extreme graphics too. In this game shadow of objects is also shown. When we jump from the plan it looks realistic due to the clouds and wind sound.

The land of maps also seems to be real. Many different bridges and buildings also make it realistic. Guns are not cartoonish they are also real in appearance sounds of guns are similar to real life. Pubg is known for its amazing and realistic graphics. Reloading of guns is very realistic you can feel it. Guns also give recoil like a real gun.


Controls are silky smooth in pubg apk. It can be played on mobile and pc too. Both have easy and understandable controls. Very easy to perform any action in battle by using controls. They never get stuck and work properly. You can crouch, prone, or jump very easily and smoothly.

Controls are simple but gentle. Controls work properly it is a plus point of game people like the game for its nice controls. The movement of the character is very smooth you can select the sensitivity of the camera and character to move faster. The mobility of the character is very fast and smooth.


Pubg mobile apk is commonly known for its graphics quality. The graphics are insanely realistic it looks real from all aspects. The texture, environment, and guns look real. It also has good mechanics when you drive a car in the gameplay you feel like you are operating a real car.

It has real sound and appearance. Clouds, grass, and land all are amazingly real in this game. There are different climates and weathers in game-like sunny, foggy and rainy too. Sound effects enhance the realism of the game. Pubg mobile apk is for ages above 12 due to its realistic graphics.

About Pubg Mobile Mod Apk

Pubg mobile mod apk is a modified form of the same game. It has some hidden features to help you out in battle. It is for those gamers who want to win by hook or crook. Using mod apk will make them immortal in pubg. It makes it very easy to defeat other players because users using mod apk will get extra advantages.

In this version of game, you will get amazing features like no recoil, white body, unlimited grenades, flying car speed hack, and many more. It also has an auto-aim hack so you will just fire and it will connect to the opponent’s helmet. It is very interesting to use. By using this version of the game you will be the champion in every map of the game. It is very safe to use but you have to be very careful too.

Features of Pubg Mobile mod APK


So if you want to connect every bullet with the enemy. Then you have to use mod apk it has a feature which is called auto-aim. By applying these features there is no need to aim carefully at the enemy. Just fire the gun and bullets will get smashed on the helmet of the enemy. Many times it happens when there is an intense fight and you just miss the target in other words your aim is not good. Don’t worry here is the solution just get this mod file and there will be no problem of aiming. It will happen automatically. When the scope will be opened it will be on the enemy automatically no need of adjusting the aim.

No recoil

Pubg is a realistic game so guns also have realistic recoil. Sometimes it is very disturbing because you miss the target due to the intense recoil of the gun. You just wish that there would have no recoil of the gun. Wishes can be achieved with help of mod apk.

If you want to get rid of gun recoil then just download mod apk and cure the recoil problem. There will be no recoil of the gun when it will be fired. If enemies are far away, no problem take aim and fire all bullets will get connected with the enemy.

Enemy location recognition

In most cases, you get killed by cameras in buildings and grass. Because you are not aware of the hidden enemies in bushes and rooms. Then you just think that if you were aware of enemies then must have killed them all.

So if you want to know about the location of all enemies then no problem. Here is a tool for getting locations of hidden or near enemies. Mod apk file will make it possible for you to identify the enemy locations. When you have the location of the enemy then you can easily defeat them.

Tips and tricks to play Pubg Mobile Mod APK

  • Play the game normally as you played it before without mod apk.
  • Act naturally in-game because the gameplay is being recorded by pubg corporation.
  • If you are using no recoil hack then don’t fire from too much distance.
  • If you put the big scope of six on M249 and knocked an enemy from far away then surely get banned.
  • Just act like you are a normal player to avoid suspected.
  • Players after get killed will suspect you so don’t do anything strange otherwise they will report you.
  • Use a smoke grenade to hide while looting.
  • Play defensively in the end when the zone area is very small.

Download guide for Pubg Mod APK

It is not a rocket science to download the mod apk file. It is very easy to get a mod file. You can download it by following given guidelines below:

  • First of all, write the name of apk file in the search bar.
  • When it appears tap on it and start downloading.
  • It will take a while to get downloaded so wait for it.
  • When it is being downloaded, go to devise settings and allow it to download.
  • Mod is an unauthorized file so it requires permission.
  • When it is finally downloaded start the game.
  • Now you can get going in-game by using the mod file.

Download for PC

Pubg mobile apk has also pc version. There are many players who like to play all games on the big screen or pc. So if you want to play pubg on pc then download bluestacks or LD player. It will make it possible to play an android game on pc without any complications. Moreover, on pc, it is very easy to play games. There are definite and easy controls for playing games. If you want to play pubg apk on pc then download an android emulator and make it happen quite easily. Bluestacks is the best android emulator for this purpose.

FAQs About Pubg Mobile Mod APK

Is it an offline game?

No! it is not an offline game. It strictly requires an internet connection otherwise it cannot run.

Is pubg mobile mod APK free?

Pubg app is available on playstore and it can be easily downloaded. So yes it is free to download so get it for free from playstore.

How are the graphics?

The graphics of the game are so realistic and smooth. It is restricted for children of ages lesser than 12 due to its realistic graphics and stunning sound effects of guns.


Pubg mobile mod apk is an action-packed battle royal game. Where you have to survive till last to win. There are many challenges in game-like enemies and other players. There are many maps for battle. Equip yourself with nice and deadly firearms to dominate in battle and to win chicken dinner. It is a complete survival game with many challenges. So download it now for free and keep enjoying it.




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